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About us

Aadi Shakti Mission is a registered Trust under the Trust Act 1956   .It is an organization which beliefs in utilizing the full energy and capacity of human being in order to make good for the society. 

We at Aadi Shakti Mission want to enhance the cosmic energy of public at large in order to make and stay them healthy. Cosmic energies are present in our universe and we are capable of doing our work with the help of these energies, requirement is to gain as much as these energies so that we can keep our self healthy with the help of Cosmics’.

Aadi Shakti is also trying to give legal assistance to the needy and to fulfill this we have planned to organize legal camps in various different regions, so that people at large may be benefited. We also cherish to secure the heritage of Uttarakhand, where we have kept our sight to study about the sidh Pitts of Uttarakhand and to help govt. to enhance tourism and secure our heritage.

Aadi Shakti Mission also wants to keep hand together with the education system, where general education to the school children will be provided by our team to enhance their personality and to be aware what is happening around them in order to keep them safe. We want every child in safe and secure hands which can only be possible to educate children apart from their curriculum and to make their parents aware of changing world and habits of children.

We also take pride to work to save our natural resources, in order to fulfill the requisite of our Fundamental duties to keep our environment clean as enshrined in the Constitution of India.

 We really appreciate the togetherness ,only than we will be able to fulfill our objectives out of which few are mentioned above .we have already started working on it in order to achieve our set goals/objectives  and we are happy to see the response and love of the public which we got after organizing few camps in Dehradun.

Looking forward to be the Heal ping hand for all.